About the team

When COVID-19 hit the UK in 2020, Charlotte and Natalie felt a responsibility to help their vulnerable neighbours. Using their combination of skills and harnessing the power of social media, they called on their friends to help and the response was overwhelming.


In the first 6 months, the HUMAN-US community had helped hundreds of neighbours, supported a range of local non-profits, and won the Changing Lives award at the Suffolk Business Awards. From there, the platform has grown beyond their home town to across the UK.

HUMAN-US is a small UK team who really care about seeing communities thrive. Their aim is to provide a platform that can be used by anyone to create change and support a cause.


An empowered community

is led by its

own members


Our mission is to advance the development and engagement of urban communities through the promotion of volunteering opportunities created by charities, community groups and non-profits who are driven by compassion.

HUMAN-US aims to mobilise and support individuals and organisation’s to play an active role in their communities, collaborating to address issues affecting the wellbeing of the people in it.


Charlotte Bale

Founder & Director


Natalie Hays

Founder & Director



Hollie Beecroft

Account Manager


Our Team

Our incredible partners

Meet our extraordinary partners who we are grateful to work with every day to put the kind back into humankind.

(And if you would like to join our fantastic club, we would love to hear from you)!

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We've been supporting Ipswich based food bank The Bus Shelter with their food parcel deliveries since Summer 2020.

And we have helped connect over 40 isolated individuals to a call buddy with the NHS Foundation Trust.

NHS Foundation Trust

East Suffolk and North Essex

Mind UK


St Elizabeth Hospice


Ipswich Community Media


The Bus Shelter Food Banks


Speak UK


The Phoenix Project


The British Red Cross


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