Barry and Lyn: "You saved my life"!

The events of 2020 have really opened our eyes to how many people are alone and have no one to turn too, especially our elderly neighbours. There have been a few cases where our volunteers may have saved the life of someone's mum, dad, nan or grandad - just by being at the end of the phone for someone to talk to.

HUMAN-US started helping Barry after we received a referral for our COVID-19 Emergency Response in Suffolk. Our volunteer Lyn came forward to help and after a few weeks, she and Barry had formed a friendship. However, Lyn became concerned after she recognised Barry had stopped eating as he had cancelled their food deliveries for two weeks in a row.

After building up some trust, Barry admitted that he was not eating as he was in excruciating pain, but he did not feel it warranted a call to 999 – he did not want to be a bother. In his words, he had “fought through World War II, he could fight through these stomach cramps”!

Lyn did not think twice, she convinced Barry that he needed to see a doctor and, he agreed.

She called his GP's office and fought to arrange an emergency home visit that day. Since then, Barry has been diagnosed with cancer, however as the disease has been caught early, treatment can start immediately.

Barry still always thanks our team when we call to check in each week to arrange his shopping and prescription deliveries, he believes Lyn and our team “saved his life and all the girls are angels”.

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